Digital Samples

Digital Image Diagnostic: $20 Fee

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On-line sample submission

Questions, completed submission forms and further relevant digital images can be sent by email to

PPDC will notify the submitter of the diagnosis or identification via e-mail.  
Any images submitted shall become the property of The Ohio State University and may be used for educational or promotional purposes


How to take images for an accurate disease diagnosis
Include pictures of the general symptom distribution
The whole plant
Close-ups of plant parts (leaves, flower, roots, fruit, etc.)
Broad view of the plant and the surroundings (whole crop, landscape etc.)


How to take images for diagnostic identification
Include as many photos as possible, taken at different angles for best identification.
Include clear, well-focused photos of the specimen (left), ​​​​​​ an area where it was seen (middle), and if applicable, plant damage, distribution of symptoms etc (right).


         Click to see how a well-focused image like       

When taking photos, include a ruler or coin next to the sample to show size comparison.


Double-check if your image is well-focused before sending us.