Clinic Fees

Fees for Services Per Sample

All samples have a "Basic Sample Fee" unless otherwise stated. The basic fee covers our standard diagnostic and identification procedures for plant diseases, plant problems and insect identification. Includes initial sample evaluation, microscopic examination, routine cultures for fungal and bacterial pathogens and management suggestions, if needed.  Also includes examination of images submitted as samples for identification and/or diagnosis. If multiple sample types are sent in to the clinic each sample will be given a separate sample number.

The Clinic at this time only accepts check or cash, if writing a check please make sure it is made out to the "OSU Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic".

These fees reflect cost per sample.

Basic Sample Fee-------------------------------------------$20.00
  • Visual Examination
  • Moist Chamber
  • Culturing
  • Microscope Examination
  • Arthopod (Insects etc.) Identification
  • Plant Identification
  • Plant EC and pH levels

Nematode Analysis:            
  • Soybean Cyst Nematode---------$20.00*
  • Pine Wood Assay Nematode ----$20.00*
  • Other (Vermiform) Nematode----$40.00*
*Excludes the "Basic Sample Fee"
  • Digital Diagnosis (Submitting through the clinic App.) ---$25.00
Additional Tests & Fees (Cost = basic exam fee + specific test fee)
  • Serological testing,(See List)-----------------$20.00
  • Xylella fastidiosa ------------------------------$40.00
  • Electron Microscopy # -------------------------------$85.00
  • General Fungi & Bacteria DNA Extraction, PCR & Sequence
    • $90.00
  • General Phytoplasma DNA Extraction, (rtPCR) *
    • $60.00
  • American Foul Brood PCR & Sequence-------$40.00*
  • Out-of-State------------------------------------------$20.00
  • Mail Charge (# tests that require another laboratory)

Turfgrass and Lawns:

  • Ohio General Turf Samples---$20.00

  • Commercial Turf Samples---$50.00

  • Turf Nematode Assay---$40.00

  • Out-of-State Turf---$100.00