Where to Send Your Sample

March 1, 2019

The Ohio State University faculty and staff within the Departments of Plant Pathology and Entomology are dedicated to serve stakeholders and clientele in the state of Ohio.

For timely results and recommendations concerning plant diseases or insect pests, please follow the suggestions below when submitting samples: 

For commercial greenhouse, high tunnel and open field vegetable disease diagnostics: Sally Miller, Dept. of Plant Pathology (miller.769@osu.eduhttp://u.osu.edu/vegetablepathologylab/diagnostic-submission)

For commercial tree fruit, small fruit, nut and hop disease diagnostics: Melanie Lewis Ivey, Department Plant Pathology-Wooster Campus (ivey.14@osu.edu; http://u.osu.edu/fruitpathology/diagnostics/)

For cereal disease diagnostics: Pierce Paul, Dept. of Plant Pathology (paul.661@osu.edu)

For soybean disease diagnostics: Anne Dorrance, Dept. of Plant Pathology (dorrance.1@osu.edu; pierzynski.4@osu.edu)

For commercial greenhouse/nursery ornamental disease diagnostics, homeowner plant disease, insect pests, arborist, commercial tree and landscape disease diagnostics: Joy Pierzynski, Dept. of Plant Pathology (pierzynski.4@osu.edu)

For commercial and homeowner turf and problem diagnostics: Joe Rimelspach, Dept. of Plant Pathology (rimelspach.1@osu.edu; https://turfdisease.osu.edu/sampling)

Please note that we cannot accept the following types of samples:

1. Any insect coming from a person's body or animal's body. We can only accept insect samples originating from a structure (such as one's home) or an outdoor environment.

2. Cannabis samples of any kind, including digital samples, due to federal restrictions.