The general form for plant, insect, and mushroom samples (not turfgrass or nematodes) can now be submitted online, including digital images. Click the button below to access our Qualtrics form. Digital-only samples require immediate payment upon submission through our secure payment portal.


Submit Sample Online


Samples should be freshly collected and with a moderate amount of disease. Dead plants rarely yield an accurate diagnosis.

Entire plants are preferred, especially if wilting symptoms are present. Place the roots in a plastic bag secured around the base of the plant and cover the top with another plastic bag, unsealed.  Place the sample in a sturdy box with crushed newspaper or other packing material.

If only leaves or fruits are submitted, place them in zip-seal bags and box as above. Do not send samples in envelopes.

Any photographic or video images submitted shall become the property of The Ohio State University and may be used for educational or promotional purposes