General Form

Samples can be submitted digitally, physically, or by a combination of methods.



The form can be completed online via Qualtrics survey (see button below). Samples that are digital only require payment at the time of submission. Samples that include a physically submitted component will be invoiced upon completion.



Submit Sample Online



Use the General Sample Form for all samples EXCEPT nematode samples and turf or lawn samples. The form can be completed and printed from the web site. Please provide as much detail regarding the sample as possible and place it in a separate plastic bag. Send the sample to the address on the form.

Alternatively, you many download the following PDF form and fill it out on paper or as a PDF to incliude with the submitted sample.

Please click the downloadable link below for the General Sample Form


General Sample Form Reynoldsburg 4-26-10.pdf — PDF document, 47Kb