Insects and Arthropods

Photo credit- Steve Upperman, Ken Chamberlain. Collate by Suranga



Digital Sample Submission:

  • Complete the Insect/Arthropod ID Request form on-line and send as an attachment to, including relevant digital images of insects/arthropods, area where sample was seen, and if applicable, plant damage. 
  • When taking photos, include a ruler or coin next to sample to show size comparison.
  • Include as many photos as possible for best identification. 
  • Any images submitted shall become the property of The Ohio State University and may be used for educational or promotional purposes

Physical Sample Submission:

  • Complete Insect/Arthropod ID Request form print, and include form with physical sample, ensuring form is not damaged.
  • Insect/arthropod identification often requires more than one specimen. Send a handful of specimens to ensure that at least one insect arrives intact and essential parts are not missing. 
  • An experienced diagnostician can identify pieces and parts of insects to the order or genus.  For a more specific identification, several intact specimens must be submitted.  In many cases, the antennae or foot segments are needed for a positive identification.
  • Carefully pack the sealed container of specimens in a crush-proof package, with packing supplies to cushion the inner container.
  • Use an overnight mail service, or mail the package early in the week to avoid weekend at the post office. PPDC doesn't accept weekend deliveries.

Physical Samples may be mailed:
C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Plant Diagnostic Clinic 
Ohio State CFAES Wooster Campus
c/o Dr. Francesca Rotondo
234 Selby Hall, 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, OH 44691

Physcial Samples may be hand-delivered:
Requires coordination with Dr. Rotondo: (330-263-3721) |

PPDC is not a medical facility. We cannot accept samples from a person's or animal's body.