Seedlings or Plug Trays

  1. Complete a General Form with as much detail as possible including site information, pesticide applications, and the symptoms of concern.

  2. Send the entire plant(s) including the roots.  For plug trays it works best to send the plants in the plug tray that shows a range of damage or symptoms.

    • If there are few plant then use tape in between the seedlings to keep the soil and roots in place. 

    • If there are many plants, make sure that they are secured with newspaper or bubble wrap over-top in the box. (shown in photo)

  3. Pack the plant securely in a box that is large enough to hold the tray and plants.  Placing newspaper or other packing materials around the plant eliminates movement in the box.

  4. Seal the completed General Form in a separate plastic bag and place the bag in the shipping box.

  5. Seal the box and ship using next day delivery service.

Samples can always be delivered, in person, to the Clinic.  It is always best to call ahead before dropping off a sample.