Insects with a hard exterior or "shell" such as ants, flies, beetles, bees, spiders, centipedes, etc.

Please include a General Specimen form in a separate plastic bag to keep it dry.

 For best results, follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain a seal-able container (screw-top vial, jar, or pill container).
  2. Put several specimen(s) into the container as soon as possible and fill container with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol so that insects are submerged.
    • The bottle does not need to be filled to the top unless the insect(s) fill the entire container.  (Alcohol keeps the insects from rotting and breaking into pieces.)
  3. Seal the container with tape if necessary.
  4. Complete a General Form and place it in a separate plastic bag then into the same mailing tube or box as the specimen.
  5. Use a mailing tube or small box for shipping.  Use newspaper or other packing material to keep the container from shifting in transit.
  6. More detailed sampling instructions can be found in HYG-2121-12, Submitting Insect Specimens for Identification.
  7. Ship to:

C. Wayne Ellett Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic
8995 E. Main Street Bldg. 23
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068