The answers to a few basic questions which are based on an overall view of the declining plant will aid in the determination of the correct plant material to submit for diagnostic services. Is the entire plant wilting or discolored? Are only specific branches or twigs showing dieback? Does the landscape plant show insect damage, or does it have insects present?

Please use the following guidelines for submitting a sample.

  • Samples should be fresh.

  • Samples should represent the early to middle stages of the problem.  A completely dead and decaying sample cannot be reliably diagnosed.

  • Samples should be carefully packaged and shipped early in the week to avoid weekend layovers during which the sample will deteriorate.

  • Be sure to include sample documentation and background information.  The specimen form can be downloaded from:  General Form

  • Pictures of the problem in the field are always helpful.  The environmental conditions of the plant can play an important role in the diagnosis.